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Courses in the 2019/20 Winter Term

Bachelor programme Spatial Planning (E 033 240)

Course No. Type TitleCurriculum1
280.082VO Introduction WeekCompulsory course
280.083PR Spatial StudioCompulsory course
280.086VO Introduction to Regional PlanningCompulsory course
280.105PR Project 2 Spatial Development Planning GeMaPriMa
Compulsory course
280.654VU Kooperations- und Identifikationsraum Region – ZukunftslandElective module 4
280.655UE Visioneering von Regionen – ZukunftslandElective module 4
280.656EX Exkursion zur Region – ZukunftslandElective module 4

1For reference please see the curriculum (available only in German): Studienplan BSc 10/2017.
The 12 elective modules are specified on p.13-15.

Master programme Spatial Planning (E 066 440)

Course No. Type TitleCurriculum2
280.215 VOResearch and Planning DesignCompulsory course
280.227 UEResearch and Planning DesignCompulsory course
280.249 VUPlanning ethicsCompulsory course
280.630 EXPlanning viewing and communicating spaceFocus 9
280.643 SERegion 4.0: Digital transformation in regionsFocus 3
280.649 SESpatial planning spies (course in English!)Focus 3
280.650 PRThird runway – growth vs. environmentConcept module
280.652 PRSpatial Planning Success StoryConcept module
280.653 PRZukunftslandConcept module
280.642 VOBasics of energy spatial planningElective module 12
280.464 VUEnergy- and climate-related analysis and planningElective module 12
280.296 SEDiploma seminarCompulsory course

2For reference please see the curriculum (available only in German): Studienplan MSc 10/2018.
The 13 elective modules are specified on p.13-15. The 9 focus topics can be found on p.54.

Master programme Civil Engineering (E 066 505)

231.440VOSpatial Planning