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Courses in the 2020 Summer Term

Bachelor programme Spatial Planning (E 033 240)

LVA-Nr. Typ TitelCurriculum1
280.082 VO Introduction WeekCompulsory course
280.083PR Spatial StudioCompulsory course
280.163SE Seminar Spatial Development – P2 PreparationCompulsory course
280.164VU Regional Planning Practice
Compulsory course
280.187SE Bachelor Seminar – Success story Spatial PlanningCompulsory course
280.340UE P2 Publication
Focus 5 (see MSc)

1For reference please see the curriculum (available only in German): Studienplan BSc 10/2017.
The 12 elective modules are specified on p.13-15.


Master programme Spatial Planning (E 066 440)

280.296SEDiplomseminar Region
Compulsory course
280.670PRMaking KarlsgasseCompulsory course
280.548SEKnowledge gain through congress participationFocus 3
280.665SEDigitally RegionalFocus 3
280.666SEPlanners4FutureFocus 3
280.686SECurriculum 4.0Focus 4
280.607EXExcursion Brno – Urban development perspectivesFocus 9
280.630EXExcursion Planning viewing and communicating spaceFocus 9

2For reference please see the curriculum (available only in German): Studienplan MSc 10/2018.
The 13 elective modules are specified on p.13-15. The 9 focus topics can be found on p.54.